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Why Is The Crash Barrel Yellow?
May 03, 2018

The anti-collision barrel is the most common kind of traffic anti-collision facility we use in daily life, and it is mainly used on city roads or expressway highways. We all know that the use of anti-collision buckets is to fill with water or silt in them to enhance stability and flexibility, and then put them neatly along the road. But have you ever wondered why the main body of a crash bin is yellow?

First of all, the yellow is more eye-catching, for example, solar yellow flashing lights, and the driver who sees the yellow flashing lights will know to slow down. The yellow color has become a sign of caution in the mind of the driver's friends to some extent.

Second, because yellow is not easy to fade. We have also tested other color crash bins, the use of the effect is not yellow.

Finally, because the anti-collision barrels are to be attached with a reflective film, the red and white reflective film is attached to the yellow anti-collision barrel is not conspicuous nor obtrusive.

Anti-collision barrels are small guards that protect our driving safety, so don't hurt them without having to destroy it!