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The Use Characteristics Of The Rubber Deceleration Belt
May 03, 2018

Now the living standard has been improved and the living conditions have been improved. The emergence and use of the rubber deceleration belt manufacturers are accepted and accepted by the public. Now the progress of the scientific and technological level is promoting the development of the industry. The rubber deceleration belt is mainly used in the field of our industry. Preparation of the characteristics of the use of the rubber deceleration belt:

Features: professional design, significant deceleration efficiency, no noise and uncomfortable feeling.

The high strength rubber is strong and practical, and the pressure is durable.

According to the actual requirements, it is fast and flexible and easy to install.

Black and yellow, no matter in the daytime and evening, are excel, attract the attention of drivers, and slow down successfully.

A wide range of applications, a new generation of safety products, a good helper of managers.

Material: made of high strength rubber, the rubber deceleration belt has a good shock absorption, excellent compression resistance, long life, less wear to the car, less noise, a bright yellow and black color, distinct color, high visibility in the daytime and night.

Installation position: mainly used for urban crossings, road crossing, toll channels, garden, residential, parking, garage, gas station and other places on the entrance, upper and lower slopes and other places on the ground.