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The PVC Deceleration Belt Is Absolutely A Car Chassis Killer
May 03, 2018

hassis refers to the chassis of a car, the main frame of a vehicle. The car engine, gearbox, differential and suspension system are installed on the chassis. The chassis is composed of four parts of the transmission system, driving system, steering system and brake system, forming the overall modeling of the car, bearing the engine power and ensuring the normal driving. A lot of drivers should have encountered the PVC speed bump quickly, and the car chassis of Peng has fallen off. There are quite a lot of chassis killer on the road. The biggest chassis killer belongs to the PVC deceleration belt.

Chassis killer first name, PVC deceleration belt. It is easy to damage the front bumper, exhaust pipe and suspension system when passing the deceleration belt. The PVC deceleration belt is designed to allow the vehicle to be forced to decelerate as the name suggests. However, there is no uniform standard for the design of the PVC deceleration belt, especially if the vehicle has no habit of slowing down. Generally, the front bumper and exhaust pipe are easy to damage.

Chassis killer second, steep slope top slope bottom, easy to damage to the front bumper, exhaust pipe, pull rod and so on. There are some kinds of slopes on the road, some steep slopes. If the chassis is low, it is easy to set the bottom when going to the top of the slope. Also, we should pay attention to the steep slope. The front bumper of the car is more prominent. If we go down to the bottom of the slope, if the speed is fast, it will be easy to knock directly into the ground.

Chassis killer third, a horse's teeth, easy to damage to the car's front bumper, tire wall, hang. Because the horse's teeth are easy to hold the bottom, and it is also very easy to scrape the tire wall. The tire is bulging or burst, and there are also some damage to the suspension.

Road killers were ranked in the top seven. They were not analyzed by fourth bricks, fifth muddy roads, sixth pavement sags, and seventh sewers without the cover of the well. The owners will be worried about the killers.