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How Do The Road Barrier Paint The Yellow And Black Lines?
May 03, 2018

When the isolation pier is painted yellow and black line, it can be done according to the following methods:

1, clean the surface of the isolating pier first. When cleaning, you can use brushes or towels to clean up the dust, oil and water stains on the surface of the piers, remove the larger scar, fill the hole with putty and wear it smooth.

2, in order to be beautiful, the surface of the pier should be evenly divided into several equal parts, or three or four copies.

3, according to the order of black and yellow intervals, use the paper tape with a width of more than 5CM to make the dividing line.

4, direct spray paint on the line, paint to choose cement anti collision pier special reflective paint.

5, after spraying a color, paste the paper tape to make the boundary line, and paint with another color. In order to enhance the effect, it is best to spray two colors in each color.

6. After the two kinds of paint are sprayed, the tape will be finished.

Caution: safety should be paid attention to in the whole operation process. It includes traffic safety protection and paint damage protection.