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Feature Of Warning Column
May 03, 2018

At the urban intersection, the isolation between the sidewalk and the buildings makes the motor vehicles act as a warning. Once hit, there will be no second injury. During the day, red, white, red and yellow are striking, and the crystal lattice in the evening can reflect the dazzling light, which reminds drivers to pay attention.

Product features

1. made of high and new technology, with good flexibility.

2., it can withstand external forces and impact rapidly after rolling.

3. column is 3mm thick and durable.

4. good reflectivity and clear outline of road.

5. reflector can be reflector or reflective film. The reflector is fastened to the cylinder tightly with rivets, and the reflective film is tightly adhered to the cylinder.

6. rain and snow work normally.

7. easy to install, less maintenance.

The 8. is equipped with a lifting ring for easy carrying, and is convenient for connecting the isolation belt, the isolation chain and the isolation rod.

Installation method

Installation tools: power supply with dozens of rice lines, electric drill (bit 12 or 14), hammer, nut sleeve, tape, expansion screw (m10*10 or m10*8).

Installation methods: 1. Use the tape measure to put the position well.

2, connect the power supply, first use the drill to mark the screw hole gently, then take the warning column to mark the mark and punch, the electric drill should take the correct, the depth should be similar to the length of the screw.

3. From the new warning column, insert the screws into the inserts and hammer them in with a hammer.