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Composition Of PVC Traffic Cone
May 03, 2018

1.PVC:Pvc is the abbreviation of polyvinyl chloride, which is a thermoplastic resin polymerized by vinyl chloride under the action of initiator. It is a homopolymer of vinyl chloride. Vinyl chloride homopolymer and vinyl chloride copolymer are collectively referred to as vinyl chloride resin. PVC is amorphous powder with less branching degree. The molecular weight of PVC in industrial production is generally within the range of 50 thousand ~ 120 thousand, with greater polydispersity. The molecular weight increases with the decrease of polymerization temperature; no fixed melting point, softening at 80~85 C, 130 C to viscoelastic state, and 160~180 centigrade to the viscous flow; good mechanical properties, tensile strength about 60MPa, flushing. The strike strength is 5 to 10kJ/m2, and it has excellent dielectric properties. But the stability of light and heat is poor. At 100 degrees centigrade or long sunshine, hydrogen chloride will be decomposed, and it will be decomposed automatically, cause discoloration, and the physical and mechanical properties also decrease rapidly. In practical application, stabilizers must be added to improve the stability of heat and light. PVC is very hard, and its solubility is very poor. It can only be dissolved in a few solvents such as cyclohexanone, two chloroethane and tetrahydrofuran, which are stable to organic and inorganic acids, bases and salts, and the chemical stability decreases with the increase of use temperature. PVC is dissolved in a mixed solvent of acetone - carbon disulfide or acetone - benzene. It is used for dry spinning or wet spinning. It is called the fiber, called the vinyl chloride. It has the characteristics of refractory, acid and alkali resistance, resistance to microorganism and wear-resistance, and has good warmth retention and elasticity.

2. color mother: the full name of the color mother (ColorMasterBatch) is called color masterbatch, also called color, is a new type of high molecular material coloring agent, also known as the pigment preparation (PigmentPreparation). The color parent is mainly used in plastic. The color parent is made up of three basic elements, pigment or dye, carrier and additive. It is a aggregate made of an ultra - constant pigment attached to the resin and can be called a pigment concentrate (PigmentConcentration), so its coloring force is higher than the pigment itself.