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Traffic barrier types
May 03, 2018

Traffic safety is an issue that people must pay attention to in daily life. Therefore, the types of traffic fences should be shared by everyone in this article. The traffic barrier type material can be divided into cement fence, steel pipe fence, cast iron fence, plastic fence, plastic fence and stainless steel fence. According to the installation location, the fence can be divided into central fence, motorized and non-motorized fence, and pedestrian line. Fence, green fence and so on.

In some cities, cement barriers, steel guardrails, etc. are often used because of the constraints of economy and conditions. However, due to the lack of detailed design and poor aesthetics, the role of the guardrails has played poorly and has also affected the urban environment; some cities have emphasized the decoration Sex, but ignore the inherent "safety" function of the guardrail: if some cities use stainless steel guardrails, but do not pay attention to the optical design of the guardrails, stainless steel guardrails will bring light pollution, causing glare and affecting safety; some guardrail designs are not standardized, The guardrail is too high, affecting the urban landscape; some guardrails do not have vertical spacers or vertical bars in the middle. Pedestrians can easily drill over the guardrails. There are hidden safety hazards. Some guardrails have poor strength and can be manually dismantled and disconnected. Easy to use. Damage, similar to the useless; some guardrails have many welding points, the bottom layer is not treated with anti-corrosion surface treatment, surface painting or dipping, low corrosion resistance, easy to rust, short service life.

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