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The installation position of the wheel locator
May 03, 2018

It is mainly used in parking lot and garage, which can be used in underground parking lot, such as large external parking lot, residential garage or underground parking lot, special parking space of unit factory vehicle, open parking space and so on, so as to avoid parking in vehicles. Vehicle collision occurs between vehicles, vehicles and other items. This product is fixed behind the parking lot. According to the parking lot size, it is calculated at the standard parking meter 2.5X5 meters, usually from the 0.8-1.1 meters away. It can also be used for urban traffic instead of hard isolation. It is the most ideal location and isolation facility at present.

Installation method

When installing, use pull blasting screws to fix on each parking lot. The specification of the top expansion screw 14*70 matches the diameter 24 gasket (internal six angle screws). It is also necessary to use the line, sturdy one position with the pin or bolt to ensure that the seat wheel locator is on the same line. If the parking space is pasture, the foundation should be built before fixing the block.

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