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The difference between blow water and rotomolding
May 03, 2018

Because of its first product shape like a horse, and again because of the empty irrigation, my company employees are called "water horse". From then on, this name slowly opened with the development of the market and the popularity of products in the country. The name of the anti-collision pier was gradually replaced by the water horse. The role of water horse products is mainly used to isolate and divert vehicles and people from traffic roads, municipal management and large outdoor activities.

At first, the production of water horse products is using the rolling process, that is, the low density linear polyethylene is used as the raw material. After pouring into the mold, it is heated and rotated, and the centrifugal force is used to make the hot melt material flow along the die wall, and then the mould is cooled and moulded. The water horse produced by the rolling process is hollow, formed and welded seamlessly. The wall thickness is uniform and the softness is good. It meets the needs of the consumers very well and makes the market of water horse fast developing.

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