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The characteristics of the wheel locator
May 03, 2018

The wheel locator, also known as wheel gear gear, reversing pad, stopper and car baffle, is used to synthesize high strength natural rubber through high pressure vulcanization, with good compression performance and a certain softness of the slope body. The yellow and black phase contains reflective material. It is obvious and has deceleration, antiskid, wear resistance and wear and tear to vehicle tires. Point. It can prevent vehicles from reversing into the garage to avoid the collision of vehicles. It is the best facility to define the correct parking position of vehicles.

Wheel locator

1, a set of two, is the use of natural rubber high pressure sulphide synthesis, solid and practical, unique trapezium design, can effectively reduce the impact of parking, and the contact surface with the tire at about 55 degrees, with good anti collision performance, anti car wheel impact, hard material impact will not damage bad. Strong cushioning ability to protect buildings and vehicles from injury;

2. It has the advantages of sun protection, heat resistance, cold resistance, no cracking, and no color change. Solid and pressure resistant, practical and reasonable slope design. The size and size of the vehicle are applicable.

3, the color between the yellow and black eyes is striking, making the wheel locator particularly striking and reaching the warning effect; at night it can reflect the dazzling light to make the driver clear and accurate;

4, equipped with double mounting holes for fixed use. Wheel locators are installed in each parking lot to avoid collisions between vehicles, vehicles and other items during vehicle parking. When installed, the vehicle will not move and change when it collide, and effectively regulate the parking order.

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