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How to distinguish traffic markings based on colors?
May 03, 2018

The transportation facilities industry has risen during the development of urbanization. The standardization of traffic markings has made modern traffic smoother and safer, and people’s requirements for traffic safety have become more and more stringent. Then, we are familiar with traffic markings. What are the methods of discrimination? Today, let us talk about the distinction between traffic markings based on colors!

First, the white line is used to distinguish different lanes in the same direction. Everyone is in one direction.

1. The solid line cannot be combined with the line and it is not possible to change lanes at will.

2. The dotted line can be merged and the lane can be changed.

Second, the yellow line is used to distinguish the lanes in different directions. Generally, it is drawn in the middle of the street as if a separation zone separates the road into two directions;

1. Whether it is a single yellow line or a double yellow line, as long as it is a solid line, it is strictly prohibited, such as overtaking, turning, turning around. When there is no special situation, you should not cross the line.

2. Whether it is a single yellow line or a double yellow line, as long as it is a dotted line, it is possible to overtake or turn over while ensuring safety.

3. The single yellow line is generally used on roads within two-way 4 lanes (including bicycle lanes). Double yellow lines are generally used for wider roads.

4, if the double yellow line, one is a solid line, one is a dotted line, on which side of the dotted line, the side of the vehicle can be temporarily crossed from this, such as overtaking or turning.

Safe transportation, smooth travel. Correctly mastering traffic knowledge and driving safely are issues that we must pay attention to in our lives. As far as modern transportation is concerned, the planning of traffic markings tends to be more and more human-oriented, and the single identification can no longer satisfy the current urban roads that are very busy. We believe that in the near future, we will have more traffic safety marking measures. Make traffic more smooth.

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