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How is it reasonable to install the rubber speed humps?
May 03, 2018

In recent years, with the accessibility of domestic road traffic, the use of deceleration belts has become more and more common, and it has played a significant role in curbing road traffic accidents. However, unreasonable use of deceleration belts will cause no small problems for everyone. So how can a speed reduction belt be considered reasonable?

First, most deceleration belts lack legal basis and national regulations

The deceleration zone is not a legal terminology. There is no special term for deceleration zone in China's current traffic laws, regulations, and national standards for transport facilities. People are accustomed to collectively refer to all the facilities used on the road to force motor vehicles to slow down. Deceleration zone.

At present, in the various deceleration facilities, the relevant setting can be found on the basis of the deceleration marking. The “Road marking marking” (GB5768-1999) specifies the deceleration marking as follows: The deceleration marking is a white reflective dashed line, according to the setting. The difference in location can be single dashed line, double dashed line and repeated three times, set perpendicular to the direction of travel. It is used to warn vehicle drivers that they should slow down in front of them, and they should be located at the main line toll plaza and exit ramp in proper locations. Deceleration markings shall be configured in accordance with the following principles: The time for vehicles to pass through the marking lines shall be approximately equal to facilitate gradual lowering of the driving speed.

In the traffic industry standard "Pavement Marking Coating" (JT/T280-2004), the vibration-type road marking paint is clearly listed in the industry standard as No. 3 hot-melt marking paint, and the vibratory marking paint is usually called As projection markings, rainy night markings, and the like, from the shape of the drawing, dot-type, block-type, and rib-type vibratory markings can be divided. The vibrating reticle is a certain height difference formed between the paint and the road surface, which causes the vehicle to pass through and cause slight vibration and noise to drive the vehicle to slow down.

In addition to this, the deceleration facilities are also difficult to follow and regulate, and according to China's current road and urban road design specifications, the setting of transportation facilities for highways and urban roads should be in line with the "Road Traffic Markings" (GB-5768). The requirements of the so-called deceleration belts, which have no legal basis and national industry norms, are unavoidable in the process of setting up and using some legal consequences.

After consulting the Highway Law, Highway Safety Protection Regulations, Road Traffic Signs and Markings, Road Traffic Signs and Marking Lines, Highway Engineering Technical Standards, and Road Traffic Safety Installation Design Guidelines, The "Technical Guidelines for Implementation of Highway Safety Assurance Engineering" does not require the provision of a deceleration zone on the provincial highways.

Second, the use of obstacle-type deceleration facilities has been arbitrarily expanded

Such deceleration facilities mainly refer to rubber (cast steel) deceleration belts produced by some transportation facilities enterprises. Product designers have specialized designs in height and width, but such facilities are not clearly recognized by the national standards and regulations. Mainly used in: a, the design flow is less than 2500 vehicles / day, the maximum speed limit of 40 km / h, two-way urban residential roads, a lane in each direction; b, usually not set in the main road; c, road toll stations At the toll gate; d. access to the trunk road from the branch road; access to the trunk road at Tongcun Highway. However, in practical applications, the scope of use of this type of deceleration facility has been arbitrarily expanded, and its use on roads and urban roads has gradually increased. Although it can receive better deceleration effect, it will cause greater impact on normal road traffic. Influences have been criticized by many people.

III. Excessive use of barrier-type deceleration facilities is inconsistent with the principle of preemptive access to roads in road traffic management and affects the efficiency of road access. In principle, deceleration belts should not be provided on provincial and county highways.

China's road traffic safety laws and regulations have determined the principle of no traffic light control at the crossroads to implement the road leading principle. Vehicles on slip roads and secondary roads should pay attention to deceleration or parking. At present, a considerable number of obstacle-type deceleration facilities are installed on dry roads at various intersections, forcing the vehicles on the main roads to slow down, and if excessive deceleration facilities are installed, the frequency of passing vehicles will decelerate, which will undoubtedly greatly affect road traffic efficiency. .

From the perspective of the use of deceleration belts in recent years, the deceleration belt is a double-edged sword. It is used in road sections such as urban roads to play a role in preventing traffic accidents; however, it is hidden behind a series of safety hazards on the provincial highways. First, when vehicles of high speeds pass through a deceleration belt, they increase vehicle damage and are prone to puncture accidents. Second, the provincial highway traffic is heavy and the traffic volume is large, about 5,000 vehicles/day and night. Caused by artificial traffic jams affect the smooth flow; Third, motorcycles, electric vehicles, bicycles through the setting of the deceleration zone caused by the machine damage caused by the death of people must pay more attention. Therefore, the selective deceleration zone in the branch line, city block, etc., can improve the road traffic safety status to a certain extent. On the contrary, it may have little effect or even become an artificial roadblock and accident hazard on the road and reduce the traffic on the road section. Safety.

4. Contrary to the management concept of maintaining the interests of most people in traffic management organizations

The traffic flow on the road greatly exceeds the traffic flow to and from the community and the unit. Deceleration facilities are installed on the roads of the residential area and the unit. It can be imagined that the vehicles passing through the road do not enjoy the normal right to pass, as compared to most vehicles. The rights and interests were infringed, while the relatively few vehicles in the community and units did not fulfill the legal obligation to slow down the transfer. Because a small number of drivers illegally set speeding facilities to speeding, so that law-abiding drivers could not operate normally. An inequality on the right of way.

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